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Simple, easy to understand unsecured business loans and overdrafts

 Mondus is a responsible and ethical small business services supplier agregator, who specialise in finding simple, easy to understand unsecured business loans, overdrafts and financial solutions

2 Flexible repayment options

Pay Weekly

  • Fixed weekly repayment taken from your debit card.
  • Choose the length of repayment between 1 and 10 weeks.
  • Discount for early repayment.

Pay Percentage

  • Repayment is the percentage of your business sales that you choose.
  • This means your repayment amount reduces when business is slow.
  • For example: you have selected to repay with 15% of your business sales. If your sales on Tuesday are £100 we will collect £15 from your debit card on Wednesday.

Improving your interest rate:

  • Our application determines your initial Client Rating. A higher rating lowers your interest.
  • You improve your Client Rating by growing your business and repaying on time.
  • Our customers never pay monthly fees, annual fees, or overdrawn fees.

How Do I Apply for this cash advance today ?
It is simple and will only take you just five minutes or less to do so. You can simply start the process by clicking below

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