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Who is are a responsible and ethical small business services supplier aggregator, who specialise in finding simple, easy to understand unsecured business overdrafts and financial solutions

Major Benefits of using Mondus services providers

  • Unsecured Lending vs Bank lending which is secured
  • Five Minute Application - Funding In Hours
  • No Monthly Fees - No Surprises
  • Absolutely free (no fee) to find out if you qualify - No Risk
  • No Impact To Your Credit Rating
  • Once approved funds are available any time
  • Immediately talk to a UK representative during business hours
  • Approval rate over 70%
  • Available to all industries

As you have probably worked out already as a small business owner, it is hard to get money when you need it from the banks and if you are lucky enough to get finance for your business then you'll pay a hefty price to do so as the banks don't just make money from you on the interest rate but predominantly in the annual account fee, penalty charges, unauthorized borrowing fees and other hidden charges.

Even if you have been a loyal customer to your bank for decades, if you ever need a short term fast cash advance, business overdraft or merchant loan suddenly the bank manager that used to be much more friendly to small businesses now usually says no.

An Unbeatable Overdraft Facility for Your Business
Like most businesses in the UK these days from time to time we get faced with a situation that requires cash to run the business when money is tight and with this very flexible and simple business overdraft offered by our financial partners with a simple five minute application, you'll know very quickly and get an approval decision on an overdraft of up to £10,000.or £20,000 for repeat customers.

No Impact To Your Credit Rating
This fast business cash that is available to you, not only is excellent value but importantly for those people who may have applied for bad credit business loans for their company and be worried about reapplying for something else and how this will impact the companies credit rating then fear not as the approval decision will have no  impact on your credit rating as you do not have a full credit check. Even if you have had CCJ's in the past providing its not within twelve months, you should still be OK.

How Do I Apply for this cash advance today ?
It is simple and will only take you just five minutes to do so. You can simply start the process by

How quickly can I get my cash?
Once you're approved and you've played the one time only set up fee (tip quote discount promotional code (MUK001) and allocated a credit limit, then the same day - within hours.

Who qualifies for this unsecured advance?
Any business in any industry that has trade premises, been trading for at least eighteen months and you have a debit card for repayments.

I've already got an overdraft with my bank, can I have this as well?
That's OK, the overdraft support is available for smart business owners. You can never have enough protection these days. Who knows what will happen with our fragile economy? If the bank recalls your overdraft for whatever reason in the future then what will you do then? It is much better and safer to get approved now and then you know that you have funds available to call on at anytime in the future giving you and your business peace of mind in these uncertain times.

What is the interest rate?

Once accepted you will be allocated a star rating between one and five. The more stars you get, the better rate you can borrow at. (Nice and simple). As a guide at the time of writing, a repayment example of £1000 repaid over four weeks will cost you between £21 and £102 in interest charges. The interest varies depending on your star rating and chosen repayment period. Compare this to the sky high rates that banks charge for overdrafts and lets not talk about Payday lenders. The Daily Mail wrote an article here in January about High street banks are charging an astonishing equivalent of 53 million per cent on borrowing £200 over two weeks!

Can you do things to get the best rate?

Yes - If you repay on time, grow your business and process credit cards with the partner company then you can increase the star rating even further.

Are there any hidden or recurring fees?
No, you only ever pay a one time set up fee and a modest rate of interest on your balance that's it, simple. 

What I did not like about the service?
Nothing really, when comparing what else is out there this seems head and shoulders above the lot so I thought I'd give a big thumbs up and highly recommend the company to anyone who needs to find a short term cash without hassle. 

Do you have a referral program?
Yes we do, but only for current clients who have been approved an overdraft. 

Lets get started, click here to apply